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In consultation with Billy Boy Hats' creator John Plowman, these made-to-measure hats give the wearer a personalised fit, style, and choice of felt and ribbon colours from our wide range.

"Paying homage to the traditional Pork Pie hat style, every Billy Boy Hat is made and finished by hand using the best quality fur felt. Entwining life and art in my process, each hat becomes a contemporary wearable artwork. From sculpting the hat blocks, then steaming and shaping the felt, and finally hand stitching the custom trimmings, I draw on classic hat making techniques. I begin with the wishes of the wearer."


- John Plowman


See below the combinations available to design the hat to suit your style.


There are​ three Billy Boy Hats styles available, all based on the traditional Pork Pie hat.


Below are the colours currently available. Choose one for the main body of your hat.


The Lo Pie

The classic Billy Boy Hat with a crown height of 8cm and brim width of 4cm.


The Hi Pie

A taller hat with a crown height of 12cm and brim width of 4cm.


The Wi Pie

A wider brim with a crown height of 8cm and brim width of 6cm.



Good quality Petersham ribbon is used to trim each hat to match individual requirements. The brim can be either bound with ribbon or left in its raw state. This is the range of ribbon colours currently available. I am happy to advise on colour combinations. Please see the Gallery for some ideas on how ribbons can be used. 



Follow our Measuring Guide to get the perfect fit. If in doubt, I will be available for consultation.


The price of a Billy Boy Hat will depend on your choice of style and trimmings

but will be within the range of £350-£400 plus shipping. To confirm your order a payment of a £150 non-refundable deposit will be required.

Ordering your hat

Whether it’s a Lo, Hi, Wi or a combination of these style options, my aim is to make a hat as unique as you. If you are ready to confirm your order, you can pay the £150 deposit now below and I will contact you shortly to talk through your choice of felt, trimmings and size. The remaining balance of between £200-250 will be paid on completion of the hat.

If you would like to enquire further about getting a Bespoke hat, or have any questions, please fill in the Enquiry Form.

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